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This exhibition is a stage for the city, her inhabitants and the photographers living here. Rotterdam is more than the modern metropolis that arose from the ruins caused by the 1940 bombardment. The city is also much more than the skyline, and the famed images of the Erasmus Bridge and the Euromast, more than the districts that house a football stadium. One way to gain awareness of what more the city comprises, is to create and spread new images. This is how De Kracht van Rotterdam (transl.: The Strength of Rotterdam) contributes to an all-encompassing image of the city of Rotterdam, revealing her beauty and strength.

The intention of the city exposition is accessibility. The Rotterdam people are a very busy people and spend more time on the road than in museums. We want to show the people of Rotterdam, commuting through the city on a daily basis, what more Rotterdam looks like, by exhibiting our photos outside throughout the city, in large formats. We want to show the human face of the city; show Rotterdammers in the south how northerners sleep, we want to show the people in the city district Hilligersberg what the district of Charlois looks like between 04:00 and 06:00 AM. This way, we reveal that while the city is versatile, the dreams, ambitions and possibilities of its inhabitants are not as far apart as people might expect.


With the organizing of a yearly city exhibition foundation De Kracht van Rotterdam aims to fulfill the following goals:

  • To acquire the support of profit and non-profit organizations which influence the image of the city. These organizations want Rotterdam photographers to depict the entire city realistically.
  • The strength of Rotterdam is its people; Rotterdam can display this strength in the diversification of photographic images, creating a more human image of the city.
  • Building of a realistic and human Rotterdam photographic archive.

The next edition will be in 2020.